WPAMagickey for Windows

photoWPAmagickey for Windows is a tool for auditing wireless networks. What it does is calculate the default WPA key Zyxel and Comtrend routers that distributes Movistar and Jazztel. To use Windows WPAmagickey need to have Java installed. Unpack the ZIP file into a folder and run the WPAmagickey-java.jar. You will see a small window with boxes. In ESSID, enter the network name (eg WLAN_1234 or Jazztel_1234) in BSSID, enter the MAC address of the router. To get the BSSID, better use a scanner like inSSIDer WiFi.

All set? Hac click Calculate for Windows WPAmagickey provide the WPA. It is a series of very long numbers and letters that you can copy to the clipboard. The biggest drawback is that Windows WPAmagickey, being a mere calculator, no networking features: you can not connect or even scan networks around. For equally effective alternative and more functional test and Wifi Wifi Auditor Cross.

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